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Photo Restoration

Is a term given to repairing photographs that have become damaged.

photo retsoration by Altered Images 

Damaged photographs, can happen to us all. That precious photograph of a wedding or even holiday, can and do get damaged.

Whether its water or mold damage, or general wear and tear. Photographs get damaged.

That lovely framed photograph is accidentally dropped and the glass breaks, but the photograph as stuck to the glass and when you come to peel it off, part of it is still stuck to the broken pieces.

The photograph you keep in your purse or wallet, Its become creased and dog eared after years of being sat on, squashed and handed around.

These are some of the ways we damage photographs.

The most frustrating part is, when you damage a photograph, you no longer have the negative. Don't despair, give me a call or drop me an email. I can repair it. Your damaged photograph can be restored to be as good as new, but still look like an old photograph.

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Photograph Retouching .

Refers to anything that is done to alter the appearance of a photograph once it had been taken.

photo retouching by Altered images 

Present day, people think of it as referring to the airbrushing of a magazine photograph to make the model more beautiful and slimmer. Commonly called 'Photoshopped'

Whatever your opinion is on celebrities having their appearance changed before they allow their photographs to be used in advertising. All photographs can be improved by being retouched in someway, by the removal of a person or object. The removal of wrinkles and blemishes from someone's face. To reducing someone's waist line or other body parts to enhance their appearance.

As the photographs above show, it can and does improve a photograph.

So whether its red eye, your thumb over the lens or just something in the photograph you want removing. Or may be your products could do with a little refinement to their appearance before you use them in a brochure or leaflet. Then, Altered Images can provide the answer.

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Photo Enhancement .

Just means a photograph has been made better.

photo enhancement by Altered Images

It's a way of adding to the photograph to highlight the subject, to add value to it in a visual way.

Whether it's adding that certain something to a wedding photograph or a fairy tale enchantment to a snap shot of Grandma reading a bedtime story. Or adding a touch of fun to a normal photograph.

Add a touch of glamour to a photograph of your daughter, girlfriend or wife. Better still, inject some humour into a photograph of father and son.

Enhanced photographs make an ordinary photograph into something special.

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Photo Montage .

Is just a collection of photographs arranged together to create another picture.

Photo montage by Altered images

Over the years, I have done numerous montage collections to celebrate birthdays of friends and family and of course customers.

In most you will see photographs of the subject at various ages through out their life, together with members of their family. In some I have added their age, in others I have not.

A montage makes the ideal present to give on that special birthday. Whether it be a birth, 21st, 30th, 40th or even a 60th

Lets not stop at birthdays, what about a day at the Races or the Seaside, or even a collection of pets, grandchildren. The list is endless.

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Photo Manipulation .

What is photo manipulation? It's the art of applying image editing techniques to photographs in order to create and illusion or deception ( in contrast to a mere enhancement or correction) after the original photographing to place.

photo manipulation by Altered images

Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself.  Photo manipulation has been regularly used to deceive or persuade viewers, or for improved storytelling and self-expression. Often even subtle and discreet changes can have profound impacts on how we interpret or judge a photograph which is why learning when manipulation has occurred is important. As early as the American Civil War, photographs were published as engravings based on more than one negative.

Joseph Stalin made use of photo retouching for propaganda purposes. On May 5, 1920 his predecessor Vladimir Lenin held a speech for Soviet troops that Leon Trotsky attended. Stalin had Trotsky retouched out of a photograph showing Trotsky in attendance.

In more recent years photo manipulation as been used extensively in by newspapers and magazines who manipulate photographs of celebrates/models to make them younger, slimmer etc.

Not all photo manipulation is bad, it can be fun and creative as seen in the examples above. They make great presents.


Negatives and Slides .

Prior to the digital age of photography. Cameras used film to record the subject, it varied in size depending on the camera and is till available today. Then came the 35mm slide, which those of a certain age will remember.

negative & slide scanning by Altered images

Now we are in the digital age, people are having their slides scanned and put onto CDs so they can be put onto a laptop or even a smart phone.

Like wise I am being asked to do the same with negatives.

All negatives and slides are scanned at high resolution either 600 or 1200 dpi depending on the size of the negative.

Old film and slides are often covered with dust and scratches. The scanner I use is able to remove these defects during scanning with Digital ICE technology.

I will also correct colour balance if needed and retouch any blemishes not removed by the ICE technology. Something you don't get with large commercial companies.

So how does Digital ICE work?

Digital ICE technology uses infrared light, which is able to detect dust, hairs, finger prints or scratches. As infrared light is invisible it cannot reproduce the colour information of the photo and therefore only delivers the defect information to the scanner software.

The photo is illuminated by the cold light lamp and the colour information of the image is captured and delivered to the scanner software. The photo is illuminated by the infrared lamp and only the defect information is captured and delivered to the scanner software.

 The two images (colour information and defects) are compared and the defects are removed by means of algorithms. The result is an image without defects.

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